Shuhei Yoshida Casts Doubt on SOCOM and Crash Coming to PS4

During PlayStation Experience 2015 this past weekend, Sony Worldwide Studios President Shuhei Yoshida was very active on Twitter, responding to a number of questions about all things PlayStation.

With PlayStation 2 games now releasing on PlayStation 4 with Trophies and 1080p up-rendering, Shuhei received a ton of queries about SOCOM on PS4. When asked specifically if they’d consider bringing it back with Trophy support, Yoshida replied, “People won’t be happy with single player only SOCOM.”

Addressing someone who asked why SOCOM 2 wasn’t in the first wave of PS2 games on PS4, Shuhei said, “We do not have servers that enabled the online functionality in those days.”

In a couple other replies, he said they have nothing to announce about SOCOM:

“Sorry, we do not have any announcement about SOCOM.”

“We have nothing to announce about SOCOM, thanks for your passion though.”

During the PlayStation Experience 2015 keynote, Sony’s Shawn Layden wore a Crash Bandicoot shirt, but didn’t announce anything about the franchise coming to PlayStation 4. Asked if we’ll see Crash on PS4 in the near future, Shuhei said, “I doubt it.”

Shuhei also said they won’t stop loving indie games, and he weighed in on the recent Final Fantasy VII Remake multi-part” announcement:

In regards to PlayStation VR, he said a boxing game would be a “good idea” and they’ve been working on virtual reality since 2010.

Finally, Yoshida reiterated that the PS4 doesn’t have backwards compatibility:

According to a recent ESRB rating, Max Payne will likely be one of the upcoming PS2 games on PS4, along with PaRappa the Rapper 2, The King of Fighters 2000, Arc the Lad: Twilight of the Spirits, and Fantavision.

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