Capcom Producer Levels on Decision to Cut Butt Slap Animation From Street Fighter V

In light of feedback pulled from the brawler’s most recent beta, Capcom has motioned to tone down the emphasis on female body parts in Street Fighter V

R.Mika’s Critical Art and Cammy’s controversial entrance spawned controversy in the game’s early build, and long-time series producer Yoshinori Ono admits that the changes were deemed necessary in order to make SFV accessible to as broad an audience as possible. 

Speaking to Portuguese outlet UOL Jogos (as translated by NeoGAF), Ono stressed that cutting the animations in question wasn’t a result of external pressure. 

We want the professional players and the casual fans of the series to return, but we also want to reach those who have never even touched a fighting game. So we can’t have something in the game that makes people think, ‘This is not acceptable.’

Probably we won’t be able to remove everything that could offend someone. But our goal is, at least, to reduce that number as much as possible so that they think ‘Ok, there is this issue here, but it is within the limits.’ We want that everyone can play and enjoy without worrying about anything else.

Street Fighter V is set to host a third beta test later this month, as Capcom makes the final preparations for the brawler’s launch on February 16, 2016.  

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