Capcom: Street Fighter V Designed to Level the Playing Field Between Expert and Novice, New Beta Coming Mid-December

Longtime series producer Yoshinori Ono has offered up new details regarding the design philosophy behind Street Fighter V, revealing that the latest installment in the franchise will close the gap between expert and novice. 

Word comes by way of Game Informer, who quizzed Ono about the upcoming PS4 console exclusive and, in particular, what it brings to the Street Fighter formula. 

One way we did that is to take care of it on the system level. What we wanted to do was eliminate the gap between really, really strong players and new players as much as possible. We wanted to make it so that almost everything you learned in the previous title got thrown out the window–at least as much as humanly possible. In doing so, we ended up narrowing the gap between really strong players and new players. It’s a very small gap now.

In tandem with Ono’s reveal, Capcom confirmed plans to host a third beta test for Street Fighter V, pegging the new beta for mid-December. Here’s what to expect from the latest vertical slice. 

  • Ranked Match — Fight for glory and status in high stakes matches!
  • Casual Match — Enjoy more casual matches without pressure.
  • Training — Improve your skills against a training dummy with a variety of options and settings.
  • Capcom Fighters Network (CFN) — Check out the latest leaderboard rankings, search for replays, and rivals.
  • Battle Setting — Customize your character profile and button configuration, among other options.
  • Options — Manage the screen and sound settings.

Street Fighter V‘s latest — and likely final — beta test will go live on December 18 at 12:01 AM PT, where it will run until December 20 at 10 PM PT. Those who participated in the brawler’s previous betas will get a handful of invite codes to share with friends. 

[Source: Capcom, Game Informer]