Destiny Dance Emotes Now Drop After Nightfalls, Bungie Aware of Sparrow Racing League Exploit

Less than 24 hours after making its debut via update 2.1.0, players have discovered an exploit in Destiny‘s new-fangled racing mode, Sparrow Racing League (SRL). 

Word comes by way of Kotaku, revealing that the glitch opens up a handful of items in the Eververse Trading Company that are designed to be among the shooter’s paid-for content. The SRL Record Book, for instance, is available to purchase for 1,000 Silver ($10), though said exploit allowed some users to pick up the item free of charge. 

Don’t expect this workaround to be live for much longer, though, after Bungie acknowledged the glitch via Twitter. 

In related news, Reddit user Axxx31 has published a gallery of images showcasing examples where players were rewarded with old dance emotes for completing Destiny‘s weekly Nightfall. Traditionally sold by Tess Everis in exchange for Silver, Axxx31 and other Reddit members note that those offered are pulled from the archives of emotes no longer on sale. 

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