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Players Have Joined 400K PS Communities Since the Feature’s Launch, Search Option Being Considered

In a blog post discussing the origins of PlayStation’s recently introduced Communities feature, Sony has revealed that players have joined “at least” 400,000 communities since the feature’s launch with PlayStation 4’s system update 3.00. It seems that the company is quite happy with the response as one of the design team members, Nick Hunter, said that one can “hope” for that level of engagement, which he thinks is “awesome” at present. 

PlayStation Communities came from the idea of clan support and a “hackathon coding competition.” According to the Director of PSN Software Engineering, Stephen Yong, the idea was to make it easy and quick to connect with players who share similar interests. Senior Engineeer, Khoi Do, detailed the challenges involved in setting up the feature, including customization in form of images and wallpapers, revealing that this is the first time the company hosted user-image uploads on this scale.

Work on Communities isn’t done, however. We’re told that the team is listening to feedback and is considering a number of features including the much-needed search feature, which should be welcome news for many. For a detailed write-up on how Communities came to being, check out the source link below.

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