Recent Destiny Update Is a Hotfix, Addresses Sparrow Racing League Record Book Exploit

Released late yesterday, the new Destiny update on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 is a hotfix designed to fix issues introduced with 2.1.0, including the Sparrow Racing League Record Book exploit.

Here’s everything the hotfix addressed:


Fixed an issue where Exotic Leg Engrams did not decrypt into any items.

Fixed an issue where copies of “The Climb” FWC Ship was incorrectly providing Reputation:

  • This has been temporarily disabled on the Ship Collection kiosk and will be fixed in a future update.

Fixed an issue where the SRL Record Book, Vol. 1 items did not require the player to own the Record Book in order to acquire them:

  • Record Book items will not be deleted from players’ inventories, but will now require ownership of the SRL Record Book in order to equip the items.
  • Any progress already made towards the Record Book will be saved.
  • Warning: Record Book gear can only be acquired once. We are working on a future fix to allow players to attain additional instances in case of accidental deletion.

Have you tried out Sparrow Racing League yet?

[Source: Bungie]