Dead Star Beta Code Giveaway – Get One Now!

Tired of the usual multiplayer shooter? Want to try something different? If your answer to both questions are a yes, then Dead Star might just be what the doctor ordered. Fortunately for you, Armature has just given us a ton of Dead Star PlayStation 4 beta keys to give away! Yep, that means you’ll be able to play the space combat shooter before its early 2016 release date!

Redeeming a key is super easy! All you have to do is follow the instructions via the widget below and you’ll get one. Remember: this is for US PS4 accounts and for non-US PSN account holders, just create a US PSN account, redeem the key, download, and revert back to your “real” account once the beta has been downloaded.

Here’s what Armature has to say about Dead Star:

Pilot a variety of unique ships through procedurally generated battlefields as you fight against other players, capturing and upgrading outposts to gain control of the region. Your skills in combat will determine whether you die in a blast of laser fire or gain infamy as the galaxy’s greatest pilot.


  • 10 vs. 10 Multiplayer Space Combat – Fast-paced action with strategic goals. Pilot your ship in intense dogfights, capture outposts to expand your presence, mine ore to upgrade your defenses, and discover secrets buried within the wreckage of ancient battlefields.
  • Customizable Ships and Upgrades – Choose from a variety of ships to fly into combat, each equipped with a unique set of abilities you can upgrade based on your playstyle. Customize your ships and pilot with rewards you earn from completing priority objectives.
  • Procedurally Generated Battlefields – With every match, Dead Star creates new regions of space for you to explore, filled with strategic points of interest and deadly hazards. Cast your vote to determine which location is chosen for the upcoming battle.

Don’t forget to give our preview a read and why we think Armature might have something special with Dead Star.