Let It Die is a Free-to-Play Game, Was Originally “Lily Bergamo”

At Sony’s E3 press conference, one of the big reveals was Let It Die, which was in development by GungHo and Suda 51’s Grasshopper Manufacture.

While specifics surrounding the game are still a mystery, we now know that Let It Die is a free-to-play game, with the monetization system still being worked on. This was revealed by Goichi Suda (Suda51) in a chat with Destructoid at E3. Suda51 also reveals that Let It Die will not be as story or character-focused as the studio’s other titles, and that the main protagonist in the game will be the player itself, with users being able to spec their characters as they kill enemies (comprised of other players and not in-game AI) to nab their weapons and clothing.

In another chat with Famitsu, Suda51 has revealed that Let It Die is essentially the same game as Lily Bergamo, which was announced at Sony’s press conference in Japan last year. Let It Die will retain the original vision of what the studio is calling “extreme action game” that has online gameplay elements, coupled with survival aspects.

Suda also details the core gameplay concept of Let It Die, and said it revolves around the notion of granting meaning to death in a game. This means that Let It Die is structured around the idea of an in-game death influencing gameplay, with one example given that if a player’s character dies, that avatar can appear in another person’s Let It Die game.

Referencing the game’s F2P nature, Suda emphasized that purchasable weapons are not being considered, as Suda believes doing this would compromise the integrity of the game’s survival aspects

Lastly, while Let It Die will have traditional computer-controlled enemies, the majority of NPC characters are said to actually be dead player character avatars, which means that as more players experience death in-game, the more that death itself will play an increasing and major role within the title’s world.

What do you make of Let It Die so far? Has it turned you off knowing it will be a F2P affair?

[Source: Destructoid, Famitus via Gematsu]