David Jaffe’s Drawn to Death Confirmed to Be F2P

Possibly one of the biggest surprises to come out at last December’s PlayStation Experience was God of War creator David Jaffe’s PlayStation 4 game, Drawn to Death.

Advertised as an arena shooter, we now know that Drawn to Death will be free-to-play as well. This was revealed by David Jaffe over on Twitter where he was discussing the game with fans. 

Over on Reddit, Jaffee expounded on D2D’s F2P nature, and even mentions it’s being made by a team that dislikes traditional F2P games “very, very much.”

Hey- yes, our game is Free To Play. But note that it’s done by a team that dislikes traditional free to play games very, very much. We don’t like pay to win and we don’t like taking play mechanics away from Players simply to have them earn them or pay for them. That said, we LOVE the discoverability (as PowerofX says) of free to play and the very wide net it creates, allowing us to get many more folks giving our game a shot. We also love the idea of running a service based title, constantly staying engaged with the fans of the game and adjusting aspects of the game on the fly to allow the game to hit the game’s sweet spot.


In other D2D news, Jaffe has mentioned previously how it started as a dodgeball game.

How do you feel about D2D being F2P? Will you be giving it a go or are you wary of F2P games?

[Source: David Jaffe (Twitter), Reddit]