Beyond Good and Evil 2 Internet Requirement Controversy Includes David Jaffe’s Heated Opinion

In a recent developer update, Ubisoft confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will require players to have a persistent internet connection to play the game. This applies even if players will be going solo. Fans are upset that they’re being forced online for the sake of a “seamless experience” between solo and co-op play. God of War‘s franchise creator, David Scott Jaffe, weighed in to say that fans are overreacting to the situation or perhaps are just naive.

Originally calling fans “entitled,” he has since backpedaled to “clarify” his point. He has now taken both sides. He claims that people have a right to be upset, but also says they shouldn’t be surprised at the push for online-always play, considering the growing popularity of the games as a service model. Later, he adds that gamers who don’t agree with the creative/business choices made by studios and publishers should simply “move on and find others games.”

Jaffe goes on to elaborate further, quote tweeting those who argue against him for the sake of “having a fun discussion.” Although he positions himself against fan entitlement, at the same time Jaffee claimed Beyond Good and Evil 2 isn’t really BGE2, a sentiment that is ironically purely based on what he thinks the game should look like.

While Jaffe clarified that he feels complaining fans are “naive,” rather than “entitled,” there’s something to be said about gamers who feel they have ownership over any franchise. Players are always welcome to voice their desires, with their comments or with their dollars, but when those desires turn to demands, things take a turn for the worst.

[Source: Twitter]