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Ubisoft Confirms Beyond Good and Evil 2 Will Require an Internet Connection When Playing Solo

In a new developer update, Ubisoft has confirmed that Beyond Good and Evil 2 will require a persistent internet connection to play even if players choose to embark on a solo adventure. Exactly a year ago, the developer had said that it didn’t want to “force people online.”

Beyond Good and Evil 2 is an online, multiplayer game with a rich co-op and seamless experience,” Ubisoft said in response to a fan question. “As such, the game will only be playable with an internet connection in order to have seamless navigation, receive dynamic updates, and play with friends (which is certainly better when you’re playing as a Space Pirate!). The choice to play co-op, however, remains yours to make, so playing Beyond Good and Evil 2 solo is absolutely possible if you’re into that lone Space Pirate kinda thing.”

Although the internet requirement is hardly a surprise, it’s unclear why Ubisoft changed its stance.

Elsewhere in the question and answer session, Ubisoft revealed that Indian and Chinese cultures will have “major roles” in Beyond Good and Evil 2. The developers also plan to explore underground cultures.

“The largest will be the one carried by Space Pirates, but also by Hybrids, who have their own beliefs and myths,” wrote the studio.

Those who love to explore will also be pleased to note that they’ll be able to fly in underground galleries on the planets of System 3.

Beyond Good and Evil 2 doesn’t have a release date or window at present. Platforms have yet to be announced as well.

[Source: Beyond Good and Evil (official website) via Reddit]