Bandai Namco Starts Countdown for ‘Mysterious Game,’ Asks If You Can Feel the Hunger


Based on analysis of some of the images on the site, as well as source code discovered by Twitter user vhestal, expect the mysterious game to be either God Eater 2: Rage Burst or God Eater Resurrection.

Stay tuned for full details on Monday.

Original Story:

Earlier today on Twitter, the Bandai Namco US and Bandai Namco UK accounts sent out the above message for a ‘mysterious game,’ asking, “Can you feel the hunger?”

The included link goes to a website called (Bandai Namco Entertainment Project), which features a countdown clock and some seemingly random sounds and images. Sitting at 65:00:00 left as of publishing, this places the unveiling at 5am PT/8am ET on Monday, December 21.

In the website’s source code, they say, “Bandai Namco Entertainment announces a mysterious game. Find the clues, share them with your friends and discover the mysterious game.”

One of those clues seems to show up once you stay on the website for long enough. It’s a message written in Spanish that translates to “Teamwork will show us the way.” Another adds, “There is no way out.”

What do you think Bandai Namco is counting down to? Have you discovered any new clues?

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