Comcept is “Sorry” About Mighty No. 9’s Delay But “Very Thankful” for Fan Feedback

Kinda Funny Games recently held an interview with Comcept’s Keji Inafune, during which he talked about Mighty No. 9‘s development, how it differs from Mega Man, his thoughts about turning the game into a series, and his thoughts on the Japanese games industry. 

Speaking of Mighty No. 9‘s delay, Inafune said that the developer was “sorry” to disappoint fans, but at the same time, was very thankful to hear all the feedback. He said that the team also saw the negativity as something positive in that it was because fans were eagerly awaiting the game that they were disappointed about the delay to begin with. According to Inafune, that motivated the team even more. 

You can hear the full talk in the 21-min video above and if you haven’t already, check out our PSX 2015 preview of the game here.

Mighty No. 9 is now releasing on February 9 in North America and February 12 in Europe.

[Source: Kinda Funny Games (YouTube)]