Ninja Senki DX Strikes the PS4 & PS Vita in February 2016

From Tribute Games (Mercenary Kings), Ninja Senki DX is coming to PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita, and PC in February 2016 for $4.99. The PlayStation versions will support cross-buy.

An updated version of the 2010 freeware game, Ninja Senki DX features 16 scenes, an all-new Challenge Mode, multiple endings, and more, as the description reveals:

On its 5th anniversary, Ninja Senki leaps from the shadows onto PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Steam to become Ninja Senki DX! When Princess Kinuhime is slain by a demon, Hayate becomes obsessed with revenge! Casting aside the art of invisibility, the blue ninja unleashes the power of shurikenjutsu upon mythological creatures, demons and other adversaries in his action-filled quest for vengeance!


  • Fight your way through 16 deadly scenes!
  • Discover multiple endings!
  • Remixed soundtrack by Patrice Bourgeault (Mercenary Kings, Curses N Chaos).
  • Test your speedrun and superplayer abilities with a brand-new Challenge mode!
  • Unlock 2 secret modes!
  • Supports cross-buy on PS4 and PS Vita.

You can try out the freeware PC version by clicking this link.