Psyonix Studios Cooking Up “Plenty of Cool Things” for Rocket League in 2016

Reflecting on a barnstorming year for both Rocket League and Psyonix as a studio, Vice President of Marketing Jeremy Dunham took to PlayStation Blog to extend a heartfelt thank you message to fans ahead of the festive season. 

Indeed part and parcel of Rocket League‘s ongoing success has been the studio’s post-launch support, and that looks set to continue long into 2016. 

Per PS Blog:

As always, we will continue to support the game as aggressively as we can, with new content, new modes, new DLC, new Arenas, and plenty of other cool things to keep you coming back and happy in 2016.

Chaos Run was the game’s most recent content pack, introducing budding racers to the Mad Max-styled Wasteland arena and a slew of extras. Last we reported, Rocket League‘s install base was simmering north of nine million players with a global haul of $50 million

What do you hope to see from Rocket League in 2016?

[Source: PS Blog]