Watch This Super Complex Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Get Solved

For Battlefield fans, it’s no surprise that developer DICE sneaks in little Easter eggs in its games. In Battlefield 4, DICE snuck in dinosaur Easter eggs, and other stuff that the community groups up to solve.

With Battlefield 4 getting its latest free DLC, Legacy Operations, which added a remake of Dragon Valley, it seems DICE has included one of the most complex game-related Easter eggs of all time. 

In the video above, YouTuber JackFrags shows us how he manages to solve this little puzzle, and it involves complex stuff as morse code, figuring out where each “secret” button is located, blowing up a specific tree to flick a button on, and more. Once solved, the player is rewarded with an exclusive camo.

I gather, DICE themselves might have tipped off or helped JackFrags on a few things regarding this one. Either that, or the guy seriously has way too much time on his hands. Regardless though, this is one nice gesture by DICE for its added support post-release for Battlefield 4.

Have you uncovered any Battlefield 4 Easter eggs? Would you even attempt this one?

[Source: JackFrags (YouTube)]