Battlefield 4 Update out Now, Adds Support for Free Legacy Operations DLC

Following some multiplayer downtime earlier today, the holiday Battlefield 4 update is now live on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC.

If you don’t want to view the big PDF file with all the patch notes, DICE said, “You can expect a slew of improvements included in the Holiday Update with changes to a variety of weapons, vehicles, classes, team/objective play, and much more.”

They add, “This [update] also includes a slew of balance tweaks, bug fixes, and continued netcode improvements.”

The biggest addition with today’s update is the free Legacy Operations DLC, which is only available on PS4, XB1, and PC.

Those in Europe can get Legacy Operations from the PlayStation Store right now (it’s a 2.7GB separate download), while those in North America will have to wait until the PlayStation Store updates around 12pm PT/3pm ET.

Here’s the description for Legacy Operations:

Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations includes Dragon Valley 2015, a classic map reimagined both visually and with new gameplay features. The battle of Dragon Valley 2015 takes place in an idyllic valley where ancient legends tell of a yellow dragon that helped a king channel flood waters into the sea. It’s a huge vehicle focused map with eight capture points in Conquest, making it one of the biggest maps in Battlefield 4. This updated version includes use of more foliage, fitting terrain, increased elevation with higher peaks, cloud layers, and destructible buildings. Use tactical destruction to cut off attack lines by destroying bridges, or repair them to your advantage. For infantry players, the Team Death Match game mode includes a dockyard area in the north point of Dragon Valley 2015 that been redesigned with inspiration from the Battlefield 3 fan-favorite map, Noshahr Canals, to offer intense close-quarter combat.

Have you noticed any big changes with the new update?

[Source: Battlefield]