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DICE Learned Lessons From Battlefield 4’s Rocky Launch, Says Open Beta Will Ensure Stability

The game will challenge preconceptions about WW1.


Battlefield Hardline & Battlefield 4 Free DLC Giveaway Starts Today With Robbery, Dragon’s Teeth

More DLC will be given away ahead of the new Battlefield later this year.


PSA: Earn 4XP in Battlefield 4 This Weekend

Ends Monday, April 18.


DICE LA Not Releasing Any New Battlefield 4 Content to Community Test Environment

The CTE will remain up and running, however.


Battlefield 4 Tickrate Increased on PS4 and Xbox One

Only for “small” servers, though.


Battlefield 4 February Deployment Brief Announced

Double XP, dog tags and more!


UK Sales Chart: Black Ops 3 Starts 2016 at #1

Grand Theft Auto V sold 16,000 copies during the week; Battlefield 4 is in the top 10.


Watch This Super Complex Battlefield 4 Easter Egg Get Solved

Morse code? Flickering lights? Oh, my!


Battlefield 4 Update out Now, Adds Support for Free Legacy Operations DLC

Legacy Operations is only available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Free Battlefield 4 Legacy Operations DLC Features Re-Imagined Dragon Valley 2015 Map

Get it later this year on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.


Battlefield 4 November Events Revealed

Free Gold Battlepacks, dog tags and more!


Battlefield 4 Update Adds New Map, Brings in a Ton of New Tweaks

Free map and 30 pages worth of tweaks!


Battlefield 4 Fall Update & Community Map Arrive Tomorrow, Multiplayer Will Be Offline in Preparation

Community Operations DLC is a separate download.

noshahr canals

Battlefield 3’s Noshahr Canals Map Added to Battlefield 4

An extension to Dragon Valley.


DICE LA “No Doubt” to Be Building Their Own Game at Some Point

“You’ve got to have a good idea for a great game before you can make a game, and that takes time.”


Free Battlefield 4 Community Operations DLC Pack Arrives This Fall, Adds New Map

Check out some early playtest footage.


Battlefield 4 Update Today Adds Night Operations & Much More, Here’s All the Patch Notes

There’s a lot of changes.


Battlefield 4 Night Operations Release Date Revealed

Will come included with the Summer Patch.