DICE Introducing New Battlefield User Interface, Set to Come First to Battlefield 4 Soon

EA has sent emails to Battlefield players to let them know that a new Battlefield user interface (UI) is making its way to the franchise (thankfully!). While this new UI will be available for Battlefield 1, DICE is rolling it out very soon starting with Battlefield 4 and then to Hardline.

Here’s the letter in full:

Dear Battlefield 4 player,

An important change is coming to your Battlefield 4 experience for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 this summer.

A new Battlefield user interface is being introduced to provide a more intuitive and centralised experience for all your Battlefield games. Changes include:

•  Functionality for squad creation before you enter a match

•  A recommendation engine to suggest relevant maps, modes, and more

•  Unified UI so you can swap between all your Battlefield games

 from the UI (as long as you own them)

Battlefield 1 will release with the new UI, and it will make its way to Battlefield Hardline soon after that.

As you can see from the email, last-gen Battlefield players won’t be able to experience the new UI. Also of note, the official Battlefield site claims the new UI is now beta form for “a small audience.” Additional testing opportunities will be announced at a later date.

As a big Battlefield fan, I’m all for this — especially that squad creation thing. Hopefully, DICE will be able to work out the kinks before Battlefield 1 releases this October.