Battlefield 4 and Hardline 4XP Event Starts Now and Will Let You Rank Up Like Mad

In case you still haven’t reached max rank in Battlefield 4 and Battlefield Hardline, both DICE and Visceral Games are turning on the XP multipliers for both games, but to a whole other level. 

While we’re used to XP buffs in multiplayer first-person shooters, since it is a good way to wrangle the entire community to all jump in at the same time, it’s usually just double of what you’ll get. Not sure what both studios are drinking but for some reason, they’re dropping 4XP (yes, you read that right! x4!), which I presume is for every ranked game mode for both games on all applicable platforms.

So, if you’ve still yet to hit max colonel rank in Battlefield 4 (like me), now just might be the best time to jump back in. Of course, don’t forget that Titanfall 2 is having its open multiplayer test this weekend (and next weekend) as well, so maybe alternate between the three games? 

As a big Battlefield fan, I’m seriously considering getting back to BF4’s Operation Metro grind and just watch the XP roll in. 

Any of you playing BF4 and Hardline instead of Titanfall 2 this weekend, then?

[Source: Battlefield (Twitter)]