Guitar Hero Live’s Rivals Feature Taken Offline Until January, Upcoming Hotfix Detailed

Added to Guitar Hero Live earlier this month, the new Rivals feature has been taken offline temporarily by developer FreeStyle Games so they can improve it.

FreeStyle made the announcement earlier this week, saying, “We’re working on improvements to optimize the Rivals experience in GHTV. The feature will be offline until early Jan. Thx for your patience.”

There will also be a hotfix in early January for Guitar Hero Live, addressing these issues:

  • Rival System fixes to matchmaking, results, and UI problems
  • The lvl 20 achievement ” Toppest of Top Drawer ” not unlocking
  • “Congratulations on Levelling up” message appearing multiple times
  • Hero Cash Store displaying “ service is currently unavailable” message
  • Highway equipped messaging error
  • Xbox 360 cache problems

The developers also have another hotfix in the works and, if you’re experiencing an issue with the login reward bonus, FreeStyle wants to know.

[Source: FreeStyle Games (Twitter 1, 2)