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Mass Effect: Andromeda Development Director Departs BioWare

While Mass Effect: Andromeda is set to assault the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC sometime next year, there hasn’t been a lot of news when it comes to the game. 

Having said that, there is some development that happened recently concerning Andromeda, but not quite what you were most likely expecting. Over on Twitter, Senior Development Director Chris Wynn has announced that he’s not only departing the development of Mass Effect: Andromeda, but is leaving BioWare entirely.

While Wynn didn’t exactly say why he’s leaving the studio, it seems the split is an amicable one, and Wynn mentions how he’s now one of the fans of Mass Effect, and how he’s looking forward to seeing Andromeda.

Will this affect the development of Mass Effect: Andromeda? Is there anything more to Wynn’s departure than what’s revealed? We can’t say for sure and left merely to speculate. Speaking of speculation, have a go at the latest round of Mass Effect: Andromeda gameplay details right here.

[Source: Chris Wynn (Twitter) via GamingBolt]