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Top 5 Worst Gaming Fails of 2015

It’s the final Top 5 Tuesday of 2015 here at PlayStation LifeStyle, and while the year has had its share of gaming high points, there’s still a lot of “fails” that gamers experienced within these 12 months. With that in mind, this Tuesday’s top five video highlights the cream of the crap, the top worst gaming fails of 2015!

Bear in mind that we didn’t focus on just the worst games of the year, but on the actual top five video game-related fails we’ve encountered. So don’t expect every disappointing game to be here. If you’re looking for that, go check out our Most Disappointing award, which ran last week as part of our “Best of 2015” awards.

What’s your top gaming fails of the year? Do you agree with our picks? Sound off your thoughts in the comments below. 

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