45 Screens of Vita RPG Atelier Shallie Plus Show Ayesha, 6-Member Battle Parties, New Outfits

When Vita-exclusive Atelier Shallie Plus ships to Japanese stores on March 3, 2016, it will include a six-member battle system, cameo appearances by other series protagonists Escha, Logy, and Ayesha. Publisher Koei Tecmo and developer Gust have unleashed new screenshots of the RPG here:

You may also notice that Escha and Logy are sporting some new outfits in some of the screens up there. Logy’s is called “Officer Black,” and Escha’s is called “Officer Pink.” First print customers also get a download code for a new costume for Ayesha that looks like something out of a Phantasy Star Online-themed wedding:

ayesha-funky-costume[Source: 4Gamer]