16 Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X Screens Show New Songs in Action, Special Concert Mode

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X has an opening theme of Tsumi no Namae (roughly “Sin’s Name”) and its video shows our leading lady losing her singing power. Below, we see some screenshots of the opening, as well as other in-game shots. Stage PVs shown include Calc, Babylon, Kunoichi demo Koi ga Shitai, Seisou Bakuretsu Boy, and Chaos Melody: Giga Remix.

In those images, you see Special Concerts, a special kind of Event Quests.  These become available with player progress, and allow the players to put on their own Hatsune Miku mini-concert by choosing a three-song set list. Instead of taking place in a whimsical, fantastical music video, these will be on stages before an audience. Ironically, the performer is the one who isn’t real at an actual Hatsune Miku concert, but in this game, the audience members are also not real.

You can see audience members waving around the signature glow sticks that accompany seemingly every attendee at vocaloid concerts.

The game is due out on Vita on March 24 in Japan, with its PS4 release coming later. For some outfit artwork, you can check Sega’s official info release.