Japan’s Insane Arcades and a Bandai Namco Field Trip: Best Video Game Podcast Episode #14

Prefer an MP3 download? Well then here you go

GameRevolution EIC Nick Tan joins me to talk about the things he saw and did on his trip to Japan. He took a look at Bandai Namco’s HQ, played a handful of its games, and got a taste of Jump Festa as well.


00:00 – Wait, what the hell?

00:43 – Nick Tan has joined your party!

04:22 – Jump Festa is to TGS as PAX is to E3

07:20 – Digimon games

14:55 – Tales of Berseria, and why PS3 is still kicking in Japan

19:35 – Ace Combat 7, Ni no Kuni 2 reminders of existence

22:04 – Tekken 7

23:15 – Arcades, online, and Tekken 7’s uncertain future

28:58 – Japanese arcades are insane

32:40 – Trading card games

36:14 – Heath asks Nick what he found weird

41:30 – Quickfire Bandai Namco games

42:28 – Happy New Year everybody!

Thanks for listening.  Michael Briers was also all up in Jump Festa and Bandai Namco’s grill, and conducted a ton of interviews, so check those out too.

Next week, Nell will rejoin the show and we’ll kick 2016 off with some Fallout 4 or Final Fantasy VII Remake podcasts. Both are coming, not sure in what order they’ll be on the site here. Fallout kinda seems more the “in” thing right now, so probably that.
Anyway, thanks for helping us get off the ground with this new podcast in 2015. We hope next year is even better.


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