Yacht Club Games: “Our Goal Is to Completely Finish Shovel Knight in 2016”


Released last year on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita, Shovel Knight from developer Yacht Club Games is expected to receive all of its remaining content in 2016, with Ian Flood explaining to Nintendo Life:

So the things we still have lined up – Specter Knight campaign, King Knight campaign, Battle Mode on consoles, and Gender Swap. Those are the stretch goal unlocks we’re still working on. That’s fine that some backers are okay and moving on, not keeping a hot eye on it, but there are people still following it closely.

While the free Plague of Shadows update was 1-to-1 with the Shovel Knight campaign in terms of content, Yacht Club Games is thinking about how to do the content for King Knight and Specter Knight. “Maybe they won’t have the world map, or visit the locations in the same way,” Flood mentioned. “Maybe it’ll be something more concise and less stretched out. Those are the kinds of things we’re talking about.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Flood said, “I’d say our goal is to completely finish Shovel Knight in 2016! That’s what we’re hoping to do.” Yacht Club’s David D’Angelo added, “That’s the weirdest thing with the Kickstarter updates, just working on one thing for so long. The idea of starting something fresh after 2016 is almost crazy to us at this point.”

In terms of sales for Shovel Knight, it sold more copies on the Nintendo eShop in November 2015 than in November 2014. Looking at an overall standpoint, Flood said, “Pound for pound what we could sell we did better [in 2015]. That’s pretty crazy to think it’s still desirable enough to people that there’s still an audience to buy it.”

If you’re holding out for a huge sale on Shovel Knight, Flood talked about how running out of money isn’t an issue for them while they work on these free updates full time, as they’ve made careful financials decisions. Likening it to Minecraft’s model of rarely going on sale but continually bringing new content, he added, “So we won’t take 75% off, even though it’s been out for over a year, because we just released a lot of content a few months ago.”

Are you excited for all the new content coming to Shovel Knight this year?

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