Shovel Knight PlayStation-Exclusive Features Detailed, Lots of Free Content Coming Post-Launch

This week on April 21 in North America and April 22 in Europe, Shovel Knight launches for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita at $14.99, complete with cross-buy and cross-save functionality. Additionally, PlayStation Plus members in either region get 10% off during the first week.

In terms of PlayStation-exclusive features for Shovel Knight, developer Yacht Club Games added PS Vita Back Touch support that can be used to find easter eggs, DualShock 4 light bar support that sees the controller lighting up during dramatic moments, a Platinum trophy, and the ability to battle Kratos from God of War.

Post-launch, Yacht Club has big plans to update Shovel Knight this year, with the following content all being added for free in the future:

  • Shovel Knight: Plague of Shadows — A new adventure starring Plague Knight, the addled alchemical master of disaster! Featuring a brand new playable character, all new relics, new systems, new boss battles, level tweaks, and a brand new story to adventure through!
  • 2 additional campaigns — Like Plague of Shadows, there will be 2 more campaigns featuring fan favorites, King Knight and Specter Knight!
  • Challenge Mode — Think you’re up to the challenge? Try tackling a set all-new challenge levels that push your Shovel Knight skills to the max!
  • Body Swap Mode — Did you ever wish Shovel Knight was a girl, or Shield Knight was a boy? Well, now you’ll be able to change them, along with the rest of the cast! Swap whatever bodies you want, with all new character designs!
  • 4 Player Battle Mode — Challenge your friends to a 4-way couch duel featuring Shovel Knight and his closest friends and greatest enemies!

While undated at the moment, Plague of Shadows is “coming soon.”

Are you picking up Shovel Knight this week?

[Source: US PS Blog, EU PS Blog]