DICE Acknowledges “Huge Request” for Star Wars Battlefront Offline Modes, DLC News Imminent

Developer DICE is reportedly looking into a means of opening up Star Wars Battlefront online modes such as Fighter Squadron and Droid Run for offline play. 

Word comes by way of WCCFTech, noting that DICE Hero Designer and Scripter Guillaume Mroz addressed the proposition of offline multiplayer via a private message. There’s also a mention of Battlefront‘s next DLC pack, and it looks to be that an official announcement is right around the corner.  

“Sorry, but I can only say that we’re going to announce what the DLC is about soon. It has to go through a ‘proper’ announcement. Offline multiplayer has technical difficulties that the single-player guys are definitely looking at. I can’t give any dates for that but we’re very aware of the huge request for this.”

In related news, analyst Michael Pachter believes Star Wars Battlefront sales have broke past 12 million copies, thanks in large part to the sales boon in the aftermath of The Force Awakens

But don’t expect J.J. Abrams’ nostalgic blockbuster to filter into DICE’s plans for Battlefront, after the studio noted that the licensed shooter will hue closely to the original trilogy for the foreseeable future. 

[Source: WCCF Tech]