Doesn’t Look Like The Force Awakens DLC Will Come to Star Wars Battlefront

Back in November, Star Wars Battlefront developer DICE hinted that all Season Pass DLC for the game would be set in the original trilogy timeline, using the free Battle of Jakku content as an example.

Answering questions on Twitter this week, the official EA Star Wars account responded to someone who asked if Star Wars: The Force Awakens DLC would be come to Star Wars Battlefront, and another who asked about the prequel trilogy, confirming they will be sticking to the original trilogy:

When asked about space battles being added in the upcoming DLC, EA Star Wars replied, “We’re focusing on air battles and dogfights that take place on the vistas of our planets rather than space.”

The first expansion for Battlefront arrives in early 2016 and details will arrive “in the weeks ahead.”

It also looks like DICE is giving players 5,000 credits today, so be sure to log in and find out if you received the gift.

As we learned last month, EA is already planning sequels to Star Wars Battlefront.

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