Star Wars Battlefront DLC to Be Set in the Original Trilogy Timeline, DICE Teases

When EA updated the Star Wars Battlefront Season Pass details over the weekend, they revealed that the first expansion (of four) would arrive in early 2016, with the full Season Pass including four more Heroes/Villains and 16 maps “featuring new locations.”

In a recent interview with Metro, DICE Senior Producer Sigurlína Ingvarsdottir suggested those new locations will be set during the original trilogy timeline:

I think that if you think about what we’re doing with the Battle of Jakku [the free DLC set on the planet Jakku from The Force Awakens that takes place before the events of Episode VII] we’re sticking to the original trilogy timeline. So we’re bringing you to this planet that you know from Episode VII but it’s within the timeline of our game. And I think that gives a pretty good indication.

Saying that they’ll “be talking about [DLC] very soon,” Ingvarsdottir responded to the question of potentially adding Wookies as DLC:

Without specifically referring to the Wookie I think what we’ve built… we’ve built quite a lot, but the list of things…

Metro cut in and mentioned Duros being in the game, adding that being a Wookie would be pretty cool. Ingvarsdottir replied, “And I agree! But I also think that the list of things that you want from Star Wars is infinite, but we hope to continue to bring in core fantasies and core experiences.”

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What do you think we’ll get with Battlefront‘s DLC?

[Source: Metro]