Rainbow Six Siege Season Pass Owners Getting Operation Black Ice Expansion on February 2

Previously expected to launch in January 2016, the first content expansion for Rainbow Six Siege, titled Operation Black Ice, will be available on February 2 for Season Pass holders on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.

According to Ubisoft’s original announcement, Operation Black Ice will include two of the eight post-launch operators, complete with new weapons and unique gadgets; one new map; new weapon skins in all tiers; and gameplay upgrades.

As they explained:

The idea is that each one of these releases will have a significant impact on the evolving meta of the game. They’ll open new operator combinations and counters, plus a new environment to master. We’re eagerly anticipating observing what you do with these new gameplay elements, and to introduce new modes and events in the future.

Season Pass owners receive instant access to the new operators upon release. You’ll also receive the Safari Bundle on January 12.

Non-Season Pass holders should expect all the Operation Black Ice content on February 9. While the maps and modes are immediately available to all players, you have to unlock the new operators by paying 25,000 Renown each (about 25 hours of gameplay), or spending $4.99 to purchase 600 R6 Credits.

[Source: Rainbow Six (Twitter), Rainbow Six, Ubisoft via IGN]