20 Tales of Berseria Screens Show Locations, Combat, Characters

When Bandai Namco RPG Tales of Berseria makes its way to stores later this year, players who’ve been through Tales of Zestiria should feel particularly welcome. Berseria will take place in an older version of Zestiria‘s world and follow “themes of emotion and reason,” which sounds not nearly vague enough. If only they could have been less specific.

Rather than link combat “artes” to a combination of the stick and a face button or two, the default control scheme on consoles will attach artes to face buttons and free up the sticks for movement and camera control. Other than that, series fans will reportedly feel right at home.

Here are some screenshots:

As mentioned in our recent Bandai Namco podcast, the PS4 and PC versions will be coming to the west, but the PS3 version will stay in Asia.

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