First Two Rainbow Six Siege DLC Operators Reportedly Leaked

Images of what appear to be Rainbow Six Siege‘s US and Canadian DLC operators have leaked online. Redditor Klyka claims to have found the images on 4Chan before re-uploading them. The top image is supposedly the Canadian operator and the one below it is the US operator:

rainbow 6 siege dlc operators

A third image also appeared online, which allegedly shows the Canadian operator’s bear trap capability, suggesting that players will be able to defend themselves by trapping the enemy. 

rainbow 6 siege candadian operator

Ubisoft hasn’t officially revealed any of the DLC operators yet. However, a video posted by the developer’s Mexico branch earlier this week offered a closer look at four of the eight characters, and the images above seem to resemble them. While the video has been pulled, the image can be found below courtesy of Videogamer. 


First two of the eight post-launch operators will be available on February 2 along with the Operation Black Ice expansion for Season Pass holders. For more on that, click here.

[Source: Reddit via Videogamer(1)(2)]