Lifetime PlayStation Plus Subscribers in Europe Finally Begin Receiving Personalized Gift

Announced in June 2015, the limited edition gift for lifetime PlayStation Plus subscribers in Europe is finally being sent out by Sony.

As you can see in the above image posted on Reddit, the personalized print shows everything each user achieved as a PlayStation Plus member.

If you’re having trouble understanding the print, you aren’t alone, with people on Reddit saying, “Can someone try to explain what the text means? I can’t understand any of the stats…” and “I’m kind of cringing at this, no offense. The text layout is atrocious on top of just being downright confusing.”

To receive one of these personalized prints, you had to register through an email by July 13, 2015 and have been a PS+ member from June 29, 2010 – June 29, 2015, with no lapses in your subscription.

For current PS+ members, the January 2016 Instant Game Collection titles will be available until February 1.

What do you think of the gift Sony gave to lifetime members? Did you get a print?

[Source: Reddit via VideoGamer]