Sony Sending “Limited Edition Gift” to 5-Year PlayStation Plus Subscribers in Europe


According to emails sent out, PlayStation Europe is giving eligible members a personalized print.

“Your print will be unique to you and show everything you’ve achieved as a PlayStation Plus members,” the email reads.

Addresses are required by July 13 if you wish to receive one, so check your emails if you think you qualify!

Original Story:

Launching on June 29, 2010, PlayStation Plus is celebrating its 5th anniversary and PlayStation Europe is offering a select group of members a “limited edition gift” as thanks.

Available only to those who have been a PS+ subscriber since the very beginning, here’s what Sony says about the gift:

To celebrate those of you that have been with us from the very beginning, a limited edition gift will be arriving in the mail for those of you that have been part of the journey since the very start. Think you may be one of them? Then keep a close eye on your emails as we’ll be getting in touch today.

They didn’t offer up any further information, so stay tuned for news about the gift as people begin receiving it later today.

For some stats about PS+, PlayStation Europe has offered over 350 games since launch, with more than 270 million hours spent playing FIFA 15 online on PlayStation 4.

In Japan, Sony is celebrating five years of PlayStation Plus by giving away Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate on PlayStation Vita and Guilty Gear Xrd SIGN on PS4.

[Source: PS Blog via Videogamer]