Hardware: Rivals Update 1.07 Today Adds New Content, February Plans Revealed

A week after giving us update 1.06, Sony’s Connected Content Group released Hardware: Rivals update 1.07 on PlayStation 4 today, adding new vehicles, strengthening weapons, making vehicles faster, giving you more add-ons to unlock, and more.

Here’s the full list of patch notes for Hardware: Rivals update 1.07:

  • Two new vehicles: Barbarian Tank and Scarab FAV. Each comes with six new skins and add-ons
  • New add-ons for all vehicles
  • New game modes and events added
  • Autoplay reinstated – players will continue to play together for consecutive rounds.
  • Visual tweaks to in-game SP and XP and end-game screen
  • Small tweaks to the Tutorial
  • Additional “Basic” control scheme added for new players
  • Improvements to networking and matchmaking
  • General bug fixes

There’s a ton of new and old events added for this weekend, including Super Charged (more speed, more damage), Overdrive (lots of nitrous), More Power (increased weapon damage), Bombination (Team Deathmatch with just bombs), Lightning Combat (short match length, faster weapon spawns), and Medic! (no health or armor pickups). Next week, some of these events will be added to a more regular rotation.

In February, new free content will be added to Rivals, including Ranked Play Seasons, Special Events, and the Mojito Bay map:

Ranked Play Seasons

Now that you’ve gotten a grip on the essentials of combat driving, it’s time to prove yourself in our upcoming Ranked Play Seasons. By defeating drivers of equal status, you will earn your stripes and rise up through the ranks. The higher you climb, the tougher it gets — with only the best of the best reaching the top. There will be new, exclusive add-ons and skins to earn each Season as you rank up.

Special Events

The events calendar is filling up fast. This weekend, we’ll be running two special events, with brand new skins awarded to those who complete each event. There are plenty of mid-week and weekend events still to come, so get involved on the official

Mojito Bay

Looking for a lawless equatorial dictatorship where the launching of latest high-tech, black market ballistic weaponry is positively encouraged? Then Mojito Bay is just the place for you! Stalk your opponents through a rain-soaked naval yard in the shadow of a vast aircraft carrier, containing an experimental weapon system that every combat driver will want to try.

You can also download a free Sharefactory Theme beginning today through the PlayStation Store.

If you’re a PlayStation Plus member and haven’t grabbed Hardware: Rivals yet, be sure to do so before it leaves the Instant Game Collection on February 1.

What do you think of the latest changes?

[Source: PS Blog, PS Forums]