Hardware: Rivals Update 1.06 Improves Matchmaking, Increases Weapon Power

Still available as part of the PlayStation Plus Instant Game Collection until February 1, Hardware: Rivals for PlayStation 4 received update 1.06 over the weekend.

A smaller patch compared to the 3.3GB one earlier this month, 1.06 addresses player feedback by making weapons hit harder and improving online play, as developer Sony Computer Entertainment Connected Content Group explained on the forums:

One of the main things we’re looking at is trying to make sure you get into fuller games faster, so you’ll now see lobbies start games a bit quicker as soon as they fill up. We’ve also tweaked team balancing and skill matching so you should see a lot more evenly-matched team sizes and have a decent challenge from the people you face.

Here’s the full list of patch notes for Hardware: Rivals update 1.06:

  • Adjustments to team game balancing system (equal numbers in each team)
  • Improvements to matchmaking. More accurate skill matching and filling games faster.
  • Fix for Level display on main screen before level has loaded.
  • Fixed XP reward for completing training
  • Lobby adjustment – full lobby auto defaults to ten second countdown
  • Gameplay tweaks: Rockets, Plasma and Light Missile power increased slightly; Jeep Machine Gun power increased slightly

To further help with the matchmaking, some prioritization has been placed on parties. If you’re in a party of three or more, you should all receive invites in to the same game automatically when you join. If you’re in a party of two, you’ll need to invite your part member in to the match using the in-game friends list or by selecting their name directly from the friends list on PS4 and choosing ‘join session’.

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[Source: PlayStation Forums]