Rocket League, MLB 15 The Show Recognized in AbleGamers’ Accessibility Awards

MLB 15 The Show and Psyonix’s genre hybrid Rocket League have been recognized for the their accessibility options by the AbleGamers Charity, the organization has revealed.

Awarding MLB 15 with the Mainstream Accessible Game gong, AbleGamers championed Sony San Diego’s implementation of a dynamic difficulty level, along with the visual accessibility of the sports game itself. 

Rocket League, meanwhile, took home the award for Indie Accessible Game for its use of an aesthetic that is colorblind-friendly along with the pick-up-and-play control scheme. In light of the acknowledgement, Psyonix’s Design Director Corey Davis reflected on the creative process behind Rocket League‘s innate accessibility, and how the team will continue to experiment with additional options moving forward. 

Our team is thrilled that a wider group of players are finding success with Rocket League in a variety of ways, and it’s humbling to be associated with AbleGamers’ great efforts in the industry. Going forward, we will continue to strive for more ‘ease of use’ solutions in Rocket League’s future.

In related news, Psyonix is already laying the groundwork for Rocket League‘s upcoming sophomore season

[Source: AbleGamers via GameSpot]