Jonathan Blow Explains Why The Witness Isn’t Supporting PlayStation VR

While The Witness from Thekla may support virtual reality on PC down the line, President Jonathan Blow revealed that there aren’t any PlayStation VR plans.

Speaking with iDigitalTimes, Blow explained that they would have needed to implement PS VR support when development first began years ago:

Not on PlayStation VR simply because to support that you would’ve had to design the game from the outset. We started this game a long time ago way before PlayStation VR was a concept… We might do some support for PC-based UV [sic] because it’s easier to add that in later.

Blow cautioned that The Witness isn’t designed for VR, but since it’s a “really nice world to wander around in VR,” he thinks gamers might like it.

If you’re planning on buying The Witness, Blow says, “It leaves you to your own devices.” If you’re used to games that set up one linear experience after another, The Witness “is going to feel very different. There might even be some culture shock. Hopefully people get over that initial moment of culture shock if they have it and just explore.”

The Witness releases tomorrow for PlayStation 4 and PC. You can read our review over here.

[Source: iDigitalTimes]