Dragon Quest Builders Screenshots Show Hybrid Minecraft/DQ in Action

Dragon Quest Builders is out today in Japan, for PS4, Vita, and PS3. Square Enix’s latest round of screenshots shows just how perfectly Armor Project has blended Minecraft-type gameplay with the world and staples of Dragon Quest. The PS4 version is the one used in these screenshots, of course.

What do you think the sales will be when the numbers roll around on Wednesday? I’m gonna say 60k on PS3, 90k on PS4, 170k on Vita. That’s mostly guessing, however. I can’t say I’ll be too shocked if the actual figure is lower or higher. I will be surprised if it’s a lot lower, but I could see it being crazy high as well. Just a question of how content Minecraft players are to stay at home and how curious the non-Minecraft-playing portion of the Dragon Quest fanbase is curious enough to jump in. Pick some numbers!

[Source: 4Gamer]