Bungie Says Destiny Matchmaking Reactions Have Been “Pretty Positive,” Crimson Days Event Detailed

Having brought new matchmaking settings to Iron Banner in Destiny on three occasions this week, Bungie used their latest Weekly Update to discuss the results and feedback so far.

With their intention to reduce lag and create more balanced matches, Design Lead Lars Bakken said they noticed positive improvements in Iron Banner, and the changes could come to more playlists in the future:

From early reports, it looks like reactions to our first salvo of Matchmaking updates have been pretty positive. There are still issues for sure, but even after a few hours of data, we were noticing good things. That’s why I was ecstatic when the Matchmaking team said they thought they could do even more yesterday. The plan is to keep looking at data, listen to the community, keep you updated, and see how much more we can do to make the experience better. Of course, the end goal has always been to push this out to our other playlists so they can share in the love. We’ll do that when we feel like we have a good solution we’re happy with. More to come on that once we have a solid plan. Much love goes out to the internal Matchmaking team for working so tirelessly on this problem, as well as the Guardians who have played their own role in the process. Thanks all!

The next big event, Crimson Days, kicks off on February 9 and lasts until February 16. As revealed on the new event page, it will include the new 2v2 Elimination Mode, Crimson Doubles, where you must win five rounds against the opposing team. You’ll be able to launch it from the featured activities section available in the Director, and you must be in a Fireteam of two to play. Should your teammate fall in battle, you’ll be given the power of Broken Heart, allowing you to quickly recover from damage.

Additionally, Crimson Doubles includes an all new Quest, brand new Bounties, an unlockable Emblem, new Shaders, new Ghost Shells, Crimson Candy (boosts your experience gain on all equipped weapons for 30 minutes), and new emotes: Awkward dance, Strange dance, Secret Greeting, and Fist Bump. The emotes will only be on sale for a limited time, but will always be available once purchased.

“This is a special occasion. We didn’t want it to overstay its welcome and drift away from its ‘small and fun’ goal. I’m hoping the timing feels right for you guys as well,” Bungie said when asked why it’s just one week long.

The February Update arriving on February 9 “includes more than Crimson Days,” and Bungie will be giving us a preview next week.

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