King of Fighters XIV Roster to Include Benimaru, Robert Garcia and K’

While we already know that King of Fighters XIV will launch with a staggering 50 fighters right off the bat, we can now confirm a few more old favorites that are returning.

Over on the official PlayStation Blog, Art of Fighting’s Robert Garcia has been confirmed to be in KoFXIV, as well as Benimaru and K’ (kei-dash). You can check out each character’s description straight from SNK in the gallery below. Also of note, Lead Game Designer Yuji Watanabe comments on each fighter and how they’re implementing new special moves for each one.

For the latest three characters we’ve announced, the team has been adding some brand new Special Moves and bringing back some of the classic ones as well! Please look forward to a finely-crafted move list later this year.

According to Watanabe the team is working hard on the game and they’re certain both fans and new players will be “very satisfied” with the upcoming fighting game. And as expected, more character announcements will be made in the “near future” as well.

Which characters should SNK not forget to include? Share your picks in the comments below.

[Source: US PlayStation Blog]