PSLS Live: Unravel Live Stream – Early Access

Announced at EA’a 2015 E3 conference, Unravel stole the hearts of everyone watching. Player’s control Yarny, a small being made of red yarn, and guide him through the world using the yarn that his body is made of to solve puzzles and navigate the environment. It won one of our Best of E3 awards due to its unique style and heart. We’ve got our hands on a review copy and we’re streaming the PS4 version for you to enjoy before our review goes live on Monday.

Watch as Senior Editor Chandler Wood makes his way through the first two chapters of the game (after which we’ll have to stop due to embargo). Will his recent puzzle experience in The Witness be helpful in solving these puzzles? Is the wave of emotion going to make him break down in tears? The only way to find out is to watch the live stream!

We’re ramping up our live-stream efforts this year, so expect us to live stream more early access games, DLC, and more!

Are you planning on picking up Unravel when it releases on Tuesday? Are you happy EA has something that’s not filled with violence, science fiction, or an overly macho bro-fest?

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