Alex Confirmed as First Street Fighter V DLC Character, 6GB Day-One Update Adds Legacy Controller Support

Capcom has officially confirmed Alex as the first DLC character headed to Street Fighter V, and he’ll be introduced in March. 

Alex is set to be the first of five new characters added to the game’s roster in the months after launch, with Guie, Balrog, Ibuki, Juri, and Urien all following suit soon thereafter. No release plans for the other fighters were disclosed at this time, though the free story expansion remains on course to arrive in June. 

Meanwhile, the publisher also announced a 6GB day-one update will ensure PS3 controllers are compatible with the PlayStation 4 version of Street Fighter V

In related news, exactly one week out from the arrival of Street Fighter V, the trophy list for the anticipated brawler has surfaced online. It’s quite the collection, encompassing 45 trophies in total, with one Platinum, four Gold, five Silver and 35 bronze gongs populating the list. Each accolade comes packing its own unique description, too, which ought to make for a much more rewarding experience as you begin to unlock SFV‘s trophies.

Here’s the official list, courtesy of Exophase:

Will you be chasing the Platinum in Capcom’s brawler sequel? Street Fighter V lands on February 16. 

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