Hitman Beta to Require Internet Connection, Full Game Won’t According to Square Enix

While more and more games are requiring gamers to be connected to the internet, publishers need to remember that for single-player-centric games, that shouldn’t be a requirement. Thankfully, Square Enix understands this logic and won’t put an online-only restriction for Io-Interactive’s upcoming Hitman.

In yesterday’s FAQ, it was mentioned that the Hitman beta will require an internet connection to play, though not PlayStation Plus. Understandably, some players assumed that this meant the final game will require the same thing, which thankfully, it won’t. 

Confirming to Videogamer, a Square Enix rep issued a statement which shoots down this unwelcome rumor.

Yes you can play the full game offline after you have downloaded an episode…but there are live elements which you will need to access online.

The “live moments’ mentioned pertain to weekly/monthly Contracts and additional gear and weapons for Agent 47. You can participate in the Hitman beta by pre-ordering the game, with the beta launching this Friday on the PS4.

Has this affected your decision whether to get Hitman? How should publishers handle the online-only requirement for games?

[Source: Videogamer]