Mad Catz Says Combined PS4 & Xbox One Sales Are “Around 60 Million,” Projects 150 Million by 2019

During the Mad Catz earnings call yesterday, David McKeon, Chief Financial Officer, said the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One install base is around 60 million right now, and they estimate that number to reach 150 million by 2019:

The installed base of the new console that is now around 60 million which represents just a little more than 1/3rd of the projected install base of over 150 million units by the end of 2018 and highlight the significant opportunity ahead for our console products. We believe Rock Band 4 will continue to attach to new console sales and expect the attach rate increases as Harmonix’s further expands song selection and functionality on the Rock Band 4 platform.

The 60 million estimate is five million higher than what EA projected in their earnings calls at the end of January. We last heard from Sony that PS4 sales were at 35.9 million as of January 3.

Elsewhere in Mad Catz’s call, McKeon revealed that Rock Band 4 sales were “strong through the months of September, October, and November,” but they slowed down after Thanksgiving “as replenishment orders came in lower than expected.”

Sticking with Rock Band 4, President and CEO Karen McGinnis said, “Unfortunately retail sales through bundles – particularly that guitar bundle – was lower than we forecasted partly due to an aggressively priced competitor product. This forced us to be more aggressive with price promotions throughout the holiday season significantly lowering our margins.” The competitor they’re likely talking about is Guitar Hero Live, which saw numerous sales over the holidays.

Although Rock Band 4 sales were “very strong” in North America, “overall market demand in Europe remains weak,” which has resulted in lower prices for “competitors” as they try to drive sales and clear inventory.

Overall, Mad Catz is “intent on playing the long game with Rock Band 4,” and they’ve already ensured that retailers will be carrying it through the holiday 2016 season.

[Source: Seeking Alpha via VideoGamer]