Knack II Reportedly Outed by 3D Animator

3D Animator, Mindy Liang, from Taiwan-based XPEC Entertainment Inc may just have confirmed the existence of Knack II. Over on her LinkedIn profile, the developer noted that she’s been working on Final Fantasy XV since August 2014 as well as Knack II since May 2015, suggesting that the latter has been in development for some time. 

knack 2 report

NeoGAF user qualitydisc discovered the profile, and as soon as it made rounds, Liang removed both entries from her profile, settling for merely mentioning that she works for the aforementioned company on video games. The user points out that XPEC is indeed assisting Square Enix with Final Fantasy XV so we won’t be surprised if a Knack II is actually in the works.

Will we something at E3 this year? Let’s find out!

[Source: NeoGAF]

(Note: The image above is from the original game. No images were found on Liang’s profile)