Dragon Fin Soup Creator: PlayStation Version Problems Are on BlitWorks, “They Have Dropped the Ball”

A PlayStation Plus free game for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, and PlayStation Vita in November 2015, Dragon Fin Soup from Grimm Bros received a big PC update last week to fix issues, but PlayStation versions of the patches might not happen.

Revealing on their Kickstarter page that “all proceeds [from people buying Dragon Fin Soup] will go to helping us pay for the PSN patches and ports to all the other platforms,” Grimm Bros explained that fixes to Dragon Fin Soup are reliant on BlitWorks, who handled the PlayStation port:

We understand the frustration and believe me when i say that we are a lot more frustrated about the matter than anyone else but as we had explained before things are not as simple as you put it.

First of all, even without the PS+ deal, the deal with sony always was that the game cannot be released for any other platform before the PS platform, ergo we did a sim launch.

Secondly, developers don’t choose when they release the game on PS+, games are being selected and once a deal and a deadline is in place it cannot be changed or postponed.

Of course we would love to address all PSN related issues but again, as we have explained multiple times, a different studio ported the title and did the submission and they have dropped the ball.

We cannot go into detail but lots of the issues, such as the one you named are the result of their port and our QA got the hands on the game only days before submission.

It is a complicated situation.

We do not have access to the PS source code, we cannot debug or fix those issues and are completely reliant on the porting studio Blit Works.

In our own best interest the PS platforms ideally would be patched ASAP, it’s not like we are too lazy to do so or don’t care, it hurts te sales and our rep but not everything is in our control in regards to this matter.

Lack of support for PS platforms is in no way a result of our efforts in supporting the game on Steam as we by our-self simply cannot do any work on the PS platforms.

BlitWorks was interviewed earlier this year and said they weren’t happy with the published version of Dragon Fin Soup, and things during development were “terribly difficult” since they ported it while Grimm Bros was still working on the game.

Some of the reported problems in Dragon Fin Soup include frequent crashes, and small text on PS Vita.

What are your thoughts on Dragon Fin Soup for PlayStation?

[Source: Kickstarter via Reddit, GamingConviction]