Destiny Update Today Isn’t Getting Patch Notes, Bungie Details Latest Matchmaking Update

At 10am PT/1pm ET today, Bungie released a new Destiny update. As a result, “Players will be required to log in to Destiny again after returning to the title screen to install the patch. You should not be removed from any activities you are currently in.”

Bungie isn’t releasing patch notes for today’s update, only saying that Crimson Days Ghosts will be delivered “soon.” They then added, “Crimson Days Ghosts are not scheduled to arrive today. We’ll let you know when they’re at the Postmaster.”

The developer also introduced new matchmaking settings exclusively in Control yesterday, increasing the emphasis on connection quality:

Skill ratings will be less a factor in finding you a match. Lag will be even further diminished. Enjoying a game with your friends who are more/less skilled than you are will be easier, but your opponents will be more random, so you will stand a better chance of getting your ass kicked – or vice versa. There is still some form of protection to insulate the casual players among us from the most hardcore, but those considerations will have much less impact on the technical quality of the matchup.

Additionally, the Damage Referee has been extended to Clash, Rumble, and Freelance 3v3 so Bungie can see the impact poor connections have on those matches.

Did you notice any changes after installing the update today?

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